About the Township


Honey Brook Township, which is about 25 square miles in size, is located in the northwest end of Chester County along PA Route 322 (Horseshoe Pike) surrounding Honey Brook Borough and bordering both Lancaster and Berks Counties. The Township’s population reported in the 2020 Census is 8,274 persons.

Nearly 80 percent of the township is covered with the most productive, prime agricultural soils in the nation used primarily for crop production and dairy farming.  The meandering headwater streams which are the East and West Branches form in the Township eventually creating the 40+ mile-long Brandywine River.

Residents care a great deal about the rural nature of their township, a fact best demonstrated in the Township’s mission statement:

  • The mission of the Board of Supervisors of Honey Brook Township shall be to provide municipal services related to land use, police protection and public works in order to maintain a community that supports a tranquil and rural way of life.

This mission is clarified by the vision for the Township’s future:

  • The vision of the Board of Supervisors for the future of Honey Brook Township is that the Township shall remain a predominantly agricultural community that surrounds a population hub offering various commercial and social activities.
  • The vision includes the establishment of a land preservation program, concentration of non-agricultural uses along specific portions of major arterials, betterment of current low–income housing areas, upgrading of all governmental and quasi-governmental facilities, reduction of non-local truck traffic in congested areas, and exploration of Township and Borough integration.

Township residents enjoy a pleasant mix of housing including everything from farmhouses, retirement communities, affordable housing, townhouses, and many single-family homes.