Construction & Demolition Permit Applications

Honey Brook Township has adopted the statewide building code known as The Uniform Construction Code (UCC). The UCC sets minimum standards for building and construction. Some permits fall under the UCC, and others do not. Those which do are typically called “building permits.” Those which do not are typically called “zoning permits” and require fewer inspection requirements.

Building permits are required for most UCC- and non-UCC-regulated construction projects including but not limited to:  building new homes and businesses, additions, detached accessory structures, structural alterations, egress alterations, creating habitable space, building decks, roof over decks or porches, enclosing decks or porches, installing in-ground or above ground swimming pools, and other mechanical, electric and plumbing repairs or alterations.

A residential building permit is not required for wallpapering, painting, tiling, cabinetry, finishing work, siding, replacing shingles, and replacing same size windows and doors. A permit is also not required for fencing; however, it must be installed according to the requirements in the Township Zoning Code.

How Long does it take to get a permit?

Residential Permits typically take five to ten business days to either be issued or denied until such time as additional information and / or a stormwater management plan is submitted to continue review of the application.  Please note, however, that the UCC permits up to a fifteen business day review period.

Commercial Permits typically have a longer review period, anywhere from fifteen to thirty business days to either be issued or denied until such time as additional information and / or a stormwater management plan is needed to continue review of the application. The UCC permits up to a thirty business day review period.

How will I know when my permit is ready to pick up?

The Township staff will call to inform the applicant that the permit is ready for pickup and also the total permit cost. Click here for the 2024 Fee Schedule.

If you cannot find what you need, please call the Township Office at 610-273-3970.


Choose Your Permit Application

Agricultural BuildingsFor structures utilized to store farm implements, hay, feed, grain, or other agricultural or horticultural products or used to house poultry, livestock, or other farm animals or a milk house. This includes a carriage house owned and used by members of a recognized religious sect for the purpose of housing horses and storing buggies. This does not include habitable space or spaces where agricultural products are processed, treated, or packaged, and it shall not be construed to mean a place of occupancy by the general public.

Commercial BuildingsWhen the project includes constructing a new commercial building or structure, adding on to a commercial building, or making structural and or non-structural alterations to a commercial building, please complete the Commercial Building Application and submit the required 3 sets of drawings. If the project includes plumbing, mechanical and electric, please include the associated documents along with the Commercial Building Permit Application.

Demolition: Prior to the demolition of a building or structure, please apply for a demolition permit.  This excludes removal of mobile homes; these require a Trailer Removal Permit.

ElectricalPlease complete the electrical application for any projects that include installing outlets, fixtures, electrical appliances, solar electric arrays or structures, generators, panel upgrades, electrical alterations, new homes, additions, finishing basements and or other rooms or spaces.

Plumbing and MechanicalComplete this application when installing and or replacing or altering heating/cooling equipment such as heaters, furnaces, boilers, water heaters, fuel burning appliances, solar thermal and geothermal mechanical appliances and ac units. Please also complete the application when building a new home, additions, or creating conditioned space.

This application is also used when installing new plumbing fixtures, new drain lines and water lines within a house or business, and when installing or altering venting systems. Please complete the plumbing application when doing bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, additions involving plumbing, and new homes. In residential construction; swapping out an existing fixture with a brand-new fixture located in the same exact location does not require a permit.

Residential Accessory Building / Storage Shed: Use this zoning permit application for accessory structures that are detached and under 500 square feet such as sheds, carports, garages, and similar structures. If the structure is a barn for agricultural uses, please use the Agricultural Buildings zoning permit application above. If the structure is over 500 square feet, please use the Residential Building permit application below.

Residential Building: For projects including building a new house, putting on an addition, making structural alterations, or installing a detached accessory structure over 500 square feet, please fill out this Residential Building Permit Application. Please note that this permit covers a wide variety of projects even though it appears to be only for new home construction. If the project includes plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work, include the associated information.  DO NOT submit additional electrical or plumbing/mechanical permit applications. Three sets of construction drawings should be submitted along with the Building Application. Leave blank any items that do not apply.

Unroofed Deck / Patio: Use this application for a patio or deck with a floor less than 30 inches off of the surrounding ground. Please be sure to include a plot plan of the property showing setback distances to property lines. For decks that are higher off of the ground and/or for over a deck, use a residential building permit.


Stormwater Management Plans

Whenever your project results in earth disturbance, an increase in impervious surface and / or a change in stormwater runoff, you may be required to prepare a Stormwater Management Plan.

Stormwater is an important water resource that provides groundwater recharge for water supplies and the baseflow of streams. The Township is required by both Federal and State regulations to reduce the adverse impacts from stormwater runoff by ensuring that construction projects large and small are designed, constructed and maintained in a manner that minimizes impacts of new development, redevelopment, and other earth disturbance activities that may cause accelerated runoff and erosion.

The Township Engineer will determine what type of plan, if any, is required for your project. For smaller projects, submit your building or other permit and then the Engineer will inform you if the project requires a Stormwater Plan. Large projects will require a full plan while a small or agricultural project may require a simplified plan or none at all.